Time to sum up 2019

A selection of this year's accomplishments

Time flies when you are busy! Looking back however, in addition to our daily operation, we do feel we have accomplished quite a lot this fall. Our new ERP system is up and running throughout the company and our ISO 9001 quality system passed the yearly audit with flying colors. The 8th of November we were also visited by RISE Research Institute of Sweden, the notified body who verified our Corroventa Energy Metering Platform, CEMP, used with our ES machines. They too performed an audit of our company, our processes and the way we operate our factory and as they were equally pleased with what they saw, we can continue producing our MID-approved ES machines.

For those of you who need it, our formal EU Declaration of Conformity for the CEMP is available at our website. The Type Examination Certificate is available with Swedac, Sweden’s national accreditation body, through:



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